Recently I was asked by Alex from Gigmann if I’d be interested in doing a Facebook Live ‘takeover’ gig through their page, as Alex expressed an interest in my music and had also hosted a gig for a band very close to me (EEVAH). I found that from there not only as a young artist, but also as a music student, that the services from Gigmann were done with the most professionalism and efficiency and Alex really helped and encouraged me throughout the whole process. The gig itself was so much fun and I felt at ease due to the unbelievable support from Gigmann and Alex, despite having only really spoken a few times. Gigmann are really passionate about supporting new artists and particularly as a music student myself I found the whole experience was professionally organised, fun, and much easier than anticipated. Gigmann has supported me a great deal even after the gig, sharing my live performance and my music across all of their platforms and I have gained a great deal of supporters from this experience. I can’t wait to work with them in the future and I’d recommend to any band or artist, particularly those just starting out, who need a helping hand in kickstarting their live gigs online. Thank you. You’ve been fantastic.