I highly recommend working with Alex Harris and Gigmann.com.    A few years ago I connected with Alex when I searched online to see who was currently making music on my childhood home of the Isle of Man.  I wanted to network with other musicians and make some friends along the way.  My search very quickly showed me that if I wanted to accomplish this then I should send this guy Alex a friend request as his high level of talent, enthusiasm and professional expertise was very clear to see and hear.  Now flash forward to five years later and I just had the experience of playing a livestream concert when Alex took me “Virtually” back to the IOM during the Covid-19 shutdown and connected me with a new audience there!  It was a blast and so healing for me.  Alex carefully and clearly lead me through every step of the process and I have grown from the experience .Thank you so much Alex.  Working with him totally transcended the normal experience. It was fun,  personal, as well as very professionally satisfying.  Through these interactions I feel like I’ve really gotten to know him and I have to say that I really like him and what he is about.  At this point I consider Alex a true friend of mine and I highly recommend working with him.