EEVAH: Apology

EEVAH: Apology

It only seems like a few weeks ago that we were writing a review of EEVAH’s last release, The Wire….and that would be because it WAS only that short amount of time ago!

Since then, the brilliantly workaholic duo, Nicole Hope Smith and Rick McNamara, have been non-stop creating whether it’s making and releasing hypnotic video’s for EEVAH, live-streaming all over social media, producing Rick’s singer/songwriter daughter ELLUR or writing and releasing sublime classics like their new song, Apology, which we are reviewing today. 

Apology is a true anthem. It starts with a lo-fi drum loop backed by icy feedback and atmospherics, airy synths and earthy bass guitar. With a nod to artists such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Death In Vegas in sound, the minimalism of the song emits a feeling of vastness and loneliness.


With reverbs swooping and swerving all around, you feel like you’re being let in to a private place in EEVAH’s world. Nicole’s vocals start and you know you’re in her head, listening to her intimate, private thoughts. Extremely melodic, the lyrics are raw, honest and direct such as the line,  “When you do things to look like we’re friends and you talk like you want me but we both know you like to pretend”. 

The chorus hits and you realise one thing….that this is EEVAH’s U2 “Joshua Tree” moment….and it’s perfection.

Sugar coated in pop brilliance, the vocals, guitars and the snare lift it higher and higher until you get to the craftsman-like middle eight section (the most important part of writing a classic), with Rick knocking out a bouncy riff that weaves itself around the almost mantra-esque groove.



From there we’re led into a more intimate bridge which has a brilliantly dangerous, subtle and cutting vocal and lyric from Nicole singing to the person that has angered her… “You’re just as bad as them all”. Ouch! 

Apology is one of those rare, hard to write songs that manages to mix artistic integrity with a fantastic, commercial pop sound, therefore quite possibly, making it one of, if not our favourite, EEVAH single so far. 

The song comes out 4th Sept on all digital platforms. Do yourself a favour and go and pre-save it now by clicking HERE:

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