Happy new year everyone!

We recently met up with James Coyle, owner/producer of the Isle of Man’s new recording studio for specifically for singer-songwriters, Milestone Media IoM.

James wanted to get the word out about Milestone and approached us to see if we could help.

He says, “Milestone is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to helping singer songwriters bring their artistic visions to life. With a growing team of experienced producers, engineers, and musicians at the helm, Milestone Media IoM provides a comfortable and creative environment for artists to record, mix, and master their music”


“Our team is committed to helping artists of all levels achieve their full potential, whether they’re just starting out or are seasoned professionals. In addition to our world-class recording equipment and technology, Milestone Media IoM also offers a range of services including songwriting support, arrangement help, and artist development. We work with artists to ensure that their music is a true reflection of their unique voice and style.”


The studio caters to all genres and has a James huge passion for music production. He received his education at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he studied music production and honed his technical skills.Upon graduation, James returned to the Isle of Man to intern at a post production facility, where he spent two years learning from some of the industry’s top professionals. He has since worked on a variety of projects,  recording and mixing music. Some of the local musicians he has worked with include Kieran Ball, Graham Mills and manx rapper, Yezzir. 


James say “With a deep understanding of the creative process and a dedication to delivering high-quality results, I am committed to helping artists and producers bring their visions to life and is always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow.”

If you are singer/songwriter, singer, instrumentalist or just want to treat the wannabe popstar in your life then contact James on the details below…

You can find Milestone’s website HERE

Facebook HERE 

Tel: 0044(0)7624 372874

Email: milestonemediaiom@gmail.com