So we’ve actually been wanting to do this for years….and because of the 2020 lock down , we’ve bitten the bullet and finally done it! We’ve teamed up with the Isle of Man’s hyper vibrant venue, Quids Inn to bring to you, this Friday night (April 10th) our first ever artist live take over of our Facebook page! This is how it works…

1. We invite an artist to come gig for our audience.

2.Once an artist agrees, we create a blog about them to promote the livestream and build a buzz for it.

3.When the day comes, we hand over the reigns to them, sit back and enjoy!

Artists are encouraged to play as many of their original songs as poss, however we don’t mind them playing covers, just as long as they tell the public they don’t own the copywrite to the covers.So if you are a covers artist, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are preferably looking for artists that play an instrument, however if you are a singer performing to backing tracks of songs you have created or cover songs then thats fine with us..or maybe you have a keys player.Just give us a shout and see.

The livestream will be shared, in real time, on all our platforms excluding Isle of Man Gig Hunters:

It will also be shared to Quids Inn Facebook platform

Once the show is over, we keep it on our Facebook platforms and also blog about it and share the stream to the website and Gigmann TV website page. We also share it to, either during or post stream, to:

Alex Cowley

We are happy to announce that our first artist is Alex Cowley & The Back Beats. Alex has a very interesting story to tell, some brilliant, rock n roll inspired original songs to play plus some cover versions for you.  An active Facebook live user on his own profile,  Alex is a very deep and interesting guy and great conversationalist, it’s going to be a really colourful show! Tune in to at 8pm and join the conversation. Feel free to ask Alex questions while he is broadcasting and we are sure he will answer what can for you!

You can buy Alex’s music HERE:

Like his Facebook page HERE: 
If you are a singer/songwriter/band/artist and you want to be part of LIVE, email us at and title your email, “Gigmann LIVE” we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.