Tonight is the night! At 8.30pm tonight, and Manx Radio join forces for the first time to bring you an amazing Manx Radio Facebook page artist takeover with Yorkshire based, dark anthemic pop duo, EEVAH! 

They absolute stormed the Gigmann LIVE show a few weeks ago, so f you missed them then, don’t miss out tonight! Featuring Halifax frontwoman and singer songwriter Nicole Hope Smith on vocals and synth keytar and Richard Mcnamara of the no.1 act Embrace, on guitar, they weave insanely catchy melodies with electronic soundscapes and etherial, dirty, organic electric guitar.Their songs are huge…soundwise, just think Gary Numan producing a rocked 80s Fleetwood Mac !


Tune into the broadcast on the Manx Radio page at 8.30pm sharp and send your messages to the band in the Facebook live chat.

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