Due out tomorrow (31st July 2020), EEVAH are releasing new single, The Wire.


A beautifully crisp and airy sounding track, it’s a hook laden and subtle anthem.

Backed by an electronic shuffle groove, the song is more a gentle, reassuring warm hand-on-the-shoulder, compared to, say, one of their other singles, Kill You Again, which was more of a hard slap in the face.  

Vocally driven by the extremely melodic Nicole Hope Smith and is backed up by an almost oriental-style guitar hook-line which appears in the intro,but re-introduces itself back in to the song periodically. Each section builds and all are carefully crafted to compliment each other. Rick McNamara’s crunchy, ethereal and addictive lead guitar line brings us mental images of mountains, icicles, icebergs and luscious green forests! It also strangely reminds us, in feel, of Radiohead’s “Airbag”…but if it was produced by a joint team of The Japenese House, Imogen Heap and Haim. This is a GREAT thing.

With shouts of “Hey hey!” appearing throughout the song, the song reveals more and more of it’s personality the more you hear it. Apart from the beautiful, instrumental soundscape, what we like about the track is the light and shade between the porcelain sounding atmospherics and its heavier, darker, lyrics. They paint a story of a broken down relationship full of unreliability, where the person in question is made to feel completely worthlessness..and where they are “born with the freaks and stuck in a sideshow”.

The song is a powerful and glorious display of emotional contradictions, relationship let-downs/highs and melancholic beauty… heartbreakingly pretty much like life and love is…

We can whole heartedly recommend this piece of musical nourishment. The song is yet another musical win for the dark pop steamroller that is EEVAH.

The Wire is out at 12am tonight and available for pre-save right now by clicking HERE: 

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