If you’ve been following Gigmann recently you will know of this artist. She’s played our “Gigmann LIVE supported by Quids inn” livestream a few weeks ago. Her performance was brimming with so much charisma and  went down so well, that she deserved to be put her forward to Manx Radio.So we did and they loved her! She performed last week on our “Gigmann.com and Manx Radio Present…” M.R. Facebook page take-over and she blew the roof off in terms of performance, songwriting,  star quality and numbers of views/reach.

In our opinion, Ellur is the real deal. Different to the normal X factor style pop stars of today, but reminiscent of stars of the 80s.She’s basically Madonna for the Instagram generation. Marilyn Monroe with a bass guitar for the Tik Tok crew. This is a beautiful thing. She appeals to all types of music fans and age ranges; pop fans, classic rock fans, electronica fans and Adele fans with her unbelievably vulnerable and beautiful piano ballads.She has huge amounts of integrity and there is bags of longevity in her songwriting. She has immense depth of emotion in her voice.  She sings humanistically. She’s real. She’s one cool lady and one badass artist.


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Cover – Young and Beautiful @lanadelrey Originals – Friday Night Alive (u can presave Alive using the link in my bio!)

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On her forthcoming single, Alive, produced by her father (Richard McNamara from Embrace/EVVAH) she channels the 80s cool of Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper with the punky attitude of  90’s Courtney Love.


Swaggering around your head, this vital sounding single manifests the feel of beautiful high-school summery brightness. John Hughes would have LOVED this song as it would have been perfect for one of his classic 80s teen movies. It also nods to a more melancholic, yearning feel of inactive unrequited love…when you know you love someone, but they don’t know it. You then live in hope that one day you will tell them ….but you never do….and you’re ok with that. You’re just happy to chill with them …and one day, you might just tell them if you can get the courage.Happy, sad, happy, sad, happy. Yep, we’ve all pretty much been there. This song is the soundtrack to that feeling.



With a Jangly 80s guitar on the verse (which wouldn’t be out of place on a Pretenders single), the song builds nicely to a gigantic Katey Perry – esqe chorus from heaven. Miss Perry would kill for a chorus like this. This song truly rocks and Ellur deserves the same massive success of Katy.

Seriously, this song is STRONG. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger STRONG.

So much so, its our single of 2020 so far!

You can pre-save Alive NOW (and also follow her on social) by clicking Ellur’s Link Tree HERE: https://linktr.ee/ellur

The single comes out everywhere this Friday, 3rd July. You NEED to hear it.