AJ Maxwell

AJ Maxwell

This Sunday’s Livestream at 9pm UK time comes from Isle of Man based AJ Maxwell.

At 23, AJ Maxwell knows everything there is to know about life, love, and heartbreak.
Probably. Maybe.

With very little music theory under his belt, AJ self-admittedly doesn’t know the names of a lot of the chords he plays, but hopes you enjoy the ones he’s made up and liked the sound of.


A singer-songwriter from the Isle of Man, AJ attributes – in part – much of his creative ambition to his surroundings, the island itself being known historically for its thriving entertainment industry and nurturing of the arts. AJ aims to write songs with one goal in mind: honesty. His debut single “Do It So Well” showcases this in its fullest; a love letter at its core, the song reflects on what it should truly mean to be happy with someone else, but also yourself.


We look forward to having AJ on Gigmann LIVE supported by Quids Inn!

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Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/album/3JvLh0lwfanKXkXg5DEAIs?si=MYEQWW29Q5uA3Lq59YSQ_A

Instagram: @ajmaxwellmusic