Isabelle Tarran

Isabelle Tarran

For our final livestream of the weekend, this Sunday night, Gigmann LIVE supported Quids Inn are proud to present Isabelle Tarran.  Tune in from 9pm UK Time on our Facebook Page to watch the show!

Isabelle is a seventeen year old singer and songwriter based in Liverpool. Since she was young, she has always loved music, and has been a part of audition only choirs, acapella groups, musical theatre productions and rock bands whilst growing up. 

Currently, Isabelle is studying Music Performance and Production at LIPA Sixth Form College and is a member of the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Choir. She has also been accepted into the Rushworth Young Composers as part of the Philharmonic Youth Choir. 


Isabelle has lived in many different places in her life. She was born in Manchester, and lived there until she was nine, when she moved to New Jersey in America. Now, she lives in Liverpool. Due to living in so many different cities, she has had a wide variety of performance opportunities. She has performed at cafes, restaurants, county fairs, churches and festivals around New Jersey and Liverpool.


As a songwriter, Isabelle is influenced by artists such as Birdy, AURORA, Bon Iver, Hayley Williams and Carole King. Like many of these artists, she considers herself a storyteller, and hopes to evoke feeling in those who listen to her music.


She began songwriting at age thirteen, and people were immediately taken with her strong hooks, haunting melodies and soulful sounds. Since then, she has continued to write many songs about her own experience and the experiences of those around her, and continues to impress each time.

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