Its another Gigmann LIVE weekend! Supported by Quids Inn, we are happy to anounce that our first artist to take over our Facebook page tonight at 9pm is Sleeping Soul from Liverpool.

Sleeping Soul is headed by singer/songwriter Nadeen Kemp, who also works at LIPA (she used to teach Francesca May!)  whose funky acoustic pop speaks to the feet not just the heart. This music super geek combines a wealth of music knowledge that allows you to get lost in her melodies, and a love of language that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love through lyrics.


After spending years as a songwriting drummer watching bands and artists perform her music, Nadeen took the the centre spot to front Sleeping Soul. Being constantly torn between classical study and a passion for popular music has guided her to write songs that will delight with haunting melodies, daze with twisting harmony and that you will relive through memorable riffs. Her eclectic taste will take you on a musical tour with each set she performs.


Sleeping Souls members are experienced and well traveled musicians who have gigged throughout the UK and Europe, as well as being heard across UK and Canadian airwaves.

Work on Sleeping Souls latest one-musician EP has begun, and it will be available to stream early 2020.

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