Ellur is back with a sublime new single/EP, which is out now on all digital platforms!

The single “Monochrome” from the EP ( a collection of her past two releases, “Alive” and “IDKWWA” and this new one) is, quite frankly, an astounding piece of work.


Minimalistic in sound, this is Ellur’s subtle dance floor anthem. Plying Disclosure at their own game and bringing the musical fight to SG Lewis while still keeping it unique and original pop, this classy sounding tune ducks and dives with heavy electronic bass throbs, dynamic dance floor synth atmospherics and a brilliant James Bond/El Mariachi style electric guitar riff/sound that Ian Fleming and Robert Rodriguez would be proud of! You could quite easily imagine Monochrome being the theme tune to the first post-Daniel Craig 007 movie.  Secret agent Ellur in the house! 


With little Kraftwerk sonic subtleties thrown in deep under the mix and a chorus vocal reminiscent of Get Into The Groove era Madonna, the beats and percussion build to the point where foot tapping is no longer acceptable and the song forces you to the dance floor!

The song is rife with dreamy, hook laden melodies and a huge, anthemic chorus where Ellur sings “Why does it have to be you?” which, once in your brain…just won’t leave. That’s a great thing, because, truth be told, we don’t want it to. This song should come with a label on it…saying “Warning: Dangerously Addictive”

All in all, a truly stylish, mature sounding and classy piece of work from Ellur, who, in such a short space of time, has and is proving herself to be a versatile, confident and extremely creative artist. Both Ellur and her latest single ooze character and self belief without ever getting cocky, which is a super power and should be used wisely. With great power comes great responsibility. This is the frame in which a post- 2020, post-Covid world needs to be moulded from by its music and artists. People need and want to be lifted by the human spirit and look to our creatives, especially popstars, to do this. Ellur and her music do this. Monochrome does this.GQ would approve of this song as it’s cool as hell. An absolute banger of a tune. 

Ladies and gentle, let us present…ELLUR. Your new favourite popstar!

You can listen to the Monochrome EP by clicking HERE