Local singer songwriter Jon Lightfield recently released two new singles, Home and . Jon, who moved from Oslo in Norway to the island a few years ago, has been playing since he was a young teenager and focused on guitar and keyboards as his instruments of choice. He also sites Mark Cohn and The Beatles as huge inspirations


Eclectic in style, Jon makes it his purpose to have no musical boundaries. He considers himself a musical late bloomer, this does not bother him, “Young at heart and mind” is his mantra. He believes that music has no age limit – nor to early or too late.


He also says “Maybe that is why the EP has been titled: A Demo Too Late – coming out August 2020.”

You can follow Jon online HERE:

Web: www.jonlightfield.com


Twitter: @jonlightfield



Contact can be done to: info@poweronrecords.co.uk

Jon LIghtfield

Jon LIghtfield