The Sound Of Nature

Matt Creer in Dhoon Glen

Matt Creer in Dhoon Glen

As growths once again, we are going to be partnering with various projects around the island that also promotes local musical talent and will feature them right here. You can now find the complete catalogue of videos on our Gigmann TV page – just click HERE.

The first of our “ Buddies” is youtube acoustic showcase channel “Sound Of The Glen”
Sound Of The Glen is a platform dedicated to showcasing music with the beautiful backdrop of the outdoors.

With years of experience producing video and music, the team is committed to producing high quality content for listeners to enjoy.
From solo artists to groups, covering any genre, unplugged or battery powered, they welcome any musicians with original music to record a live session.
They are currently funded solely by donations to keep their content alive, as well as afford top of the range gear to bring you the best quality in video and sound.
Sound Of The Glen - Filming Moon Monsoon in Ballaglass Glen

Sound Of The Glen – Filming Moon Monsoon in Ballaglass Glen

They have recently recorded sessions with Matt Creer, The Birds & the Beards and Aaron Harwood in Dhoon Glen. Expect those sessions to be released in the coming weeks over on their website and YouTube channel. To not miss a single session you can sign up to their mailing list on the website and be notified as soon as they’re released.
You can find Sound Of The Glen online HERE: