A Liverpudlian Elliot Smith for the 2020's

We were recently approached by a Liverpool based singer songwriter who writes, gentle, lilting and catchy songs.

Euan Blackman crafts introspective and evergreen songs for rainy road trips with wistful gazes. There is something of the past in his music, not retrospect, but memories we all share, tales of the human condition in soft focus.

His debut single ‘24 Hours 7 Days’ was released on 30th July this year. It is the first single from his EP ‘Grateful For The Moments Spent Alone’.

Self-written and produced in his bedroom studio over lockdown, the track details the pain of long-distance relationships. With soft double tracked vocals akin to Elliott Smith, along with a lush ‘The 1975’-esque arrangement, ‘24 Hours 7 Days’ is the kind of warm comforting sound we need after the tumultuous year.

Despite being unreleased, ‘24 Hours 7 Days’ has been spun by Dave Monks on BBC Radio Merseyside and has gathered notable praise from serious artists and radio DJ’s including Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1), Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Dirty Hit), Beaux (Dirty Hit), Ewan J Phillips and many more.


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The song brings to mind a gentle Summer’s evening listening to Elliot Smith and even some late 90s Travis (listen to the song “Safe” for reference).

Euan Blackman’s music may just be starting out, but it feels like you’ve known him for some time. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Euan Blackman - Writing

Euan Blackman – Writing

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