After a successful first weekend of Gigmann LIVE in association with Quids Inn, we have another great weekend of music lined up for you!

We start the weekend off with cool cat, Isle of Man born but Bristol based singer songwriter Terry George.

Terry George

Terry George


He first started playing guitar at 12 years old and moved on to singing and writing around the age of 18 while in living Melbourne city, Australia.  He then decided to have a change of scenery and come back home to the Island, where he formed Soul, Folk Jazzers Last Drags.


Terry is locked down in the Isle of Man at the moment,  but when not on the island, can actually now be found residing in Bristol, UK.  He performs a number of genres, stretching over blues, folk, rock and alternative.  

Having played Glastonbury in 2019, Terry is now at 22 years of age and has gone solo. He’s just  released his first single “About Time”. Terry hopes to make his mark on the Bristol music scene.

You can buy his new single on Bandcamp, hear it below!


Terry will be going live on our Facebook page TONIGHT at 9pm:

You can follow Terry on Facebook HERE: