WOW. What a year EEVAH have had. Faced with a world wide pandemic, they stood up to the challenge. It wasn’t a matter of should they, but they HAD to. As the virus swiftly and heartbreakingly deconstructs the music industry one piece at a time, EEVAH have soared in the face of adversity. The band have been consistently releasing amazing music throughout 2020, becoming live-streaming stars and standing out as a strong beacon of light in a darkened environment, offering hope that, when we come out of this, the industry will dust itself off and reform in some new innovative way…and EEVAH will be on the road to even more triumph when this happens…


The result of this musical superhero strength is their new “Promises” EP, which was released last week on all digital platforms. Featuring previous behemoth singles, “Apology” and “The Wire” (click to see the reviews), the title track is classic EEVAH…dark, emotional, catchy and life affirming.

Featuring classic Nicole Hope Smith’s melodic, anthemic, sweeping, emotional vocals and lyrics (“What have i done?” “I thought you could change”) and Rick McNamara’s epic, haunting, intricate, free-flowing guitars & production, fan live favourite “Promises” deals with the theme of toxic, broken relationships and being kept in the dark. The result is defiant, raw, real and down right catchy-as-hell.

Hitting you in the feels with one almighty crunch, you can imagine yourself being the last person on the dance floor, singing your heart out to this song without a care in the world. With a vodka in hand, you’re exorcising all your demons, tears rolling down your face while filling the club with your brightest smile.

Wow. Yep. THAT powerful.It’s one of THOSE anthems.


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Thanks to everyone who has been streaming ‘Promises’ this week! #acoustic #yamaha #cp70 #eevah

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The song works to a perfect pop template : intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, mid 8, chorus, outro. It’s simplicity is it’s strength. It doesn’t have to show off. Sound-wise, there’s hints of their ‘NU 80s’ theme running through the majority of their work. 80s in it’s spirit but still 100% 2020. Its bouncy and singable with touches of Cyndi Lauper, Haim and Madonna. It even brings to mind hints of the vibrancy and melodies of the awesome 90s girl group, Luscious Jackson (who were signed to the Beastie Boy’s label Grand Royale). But more than anything, this is EEVAH doing EEVAH.  

In such a short space of time, they have managed to create their own sound and consisitently carry it through every song they create.

This is something some artists never achieve. It goes to show to the mighty potential of this duo and how limitless their boundaries will be in terms of creativity, artistry and commerce once the music industry rebuilds itself and gets going again.They are going to absolutely fly in our opinion. Honestly gov, we promise. 😉 

If you haven’t heard it yet, you really need to. Within the first 48 hours of its release, it was placed by Spotify on their “New Pop” UK playlist! 

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